Viewfinder: Poultry Predictor Adds Fresh Twist to Traditional Thanksgiving Race

Participants competed to see who could most accurately guess their finish time in the four-mile run.

The City of Redmond added a fun spin to the traditional Thanksgiving-themed foot race on Saturday as more than 50 people participated in the first-ever Poultry Predictor.

The four-mile run, which started and ended at , was not a contest of who could finish the fastest. Instead, participants guessed their finish time prior to the start of the run, and those with the five closest guesses each won a turkey.

Eleven-year-old Makenzie McLauchlan won the event by finishing within nine seconds of her predicted time.

Here are the top five finishers and their times. A complete list of results can be found by clicking here.

Name Actual Finish Time Predicted Finish Time Difference Makenzie McLauchlan 42:49.9 42:59.0 00:09.0 Wendy Hansen 42:59.4 42:50.0 00:09.4 Shaunna Lee-Rice 38:12.2 38:00.0 00:12.2 Darrell Newberry 37:20.1 37:00.0 00:20.1 Amanda Oberholtzer 43:23.0 43:50.0 00:26.9

Check out the photo gallery above for some scenes from the event.

Miles February 26, 2012 at 07:44 AM
Go Makenzie. Run and show people kids can run better than most people


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