Pet of the Week: Meet Landon, the Corgi/Collie Mix

This sweet "special needs” puppy needs a forever home or donations toward medical care.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue of Redmond has saved a 12-week-old puppy (born Feb. 11) named Landon. He is thought to be a welsh corgi/border collie mix. He has use of his back legs, but they don’t quite support him. One leg is slightly shorter and not quite formed properly. He can stand on it, but the muscles have not developed, and so he quickly wants to tip over and pull himself instead…which does NOT slow him down!

They initially hoped his issue was one that was easily treatable with thyroid meds, but it turns out he has normal thyroid function. Landon is a sweet, loving little puppy. Motley Zoo would love any donations that could go towards his medical needs as they work to help him be able to walk better. Please keep reading to see what his foster home says all about his health and temperament. 

Notes from Landon's foster home: Landon is a sweet little guy. He's quite a charmer and considers everyone his new best friend. He loves to make new friends and gets along with everyone he meets. For a pup, he is very cuddly and will quietly and contentedly snuggle with you. He's more than happy to lie near you on the bed or the couch if you're watching a movie, doing homework, or playing on the computer. But the trick is that you have to be sitting. He also likes to sleep on his back, which is incredibly adorable. This boy is one of the lightest sleepers we've seen! The minute you get up, the ears pop up, the eyes pop open, and he's scrambling after you to see what you're doing and where you're going. He's definitely a little Curious George and pokes his head into everything and loves to explore. He is also a very playful little guy who loves to chase and run around with other dogs in the backyard.

It is thought that Landon has a neurological condition that inhibits his walking ability and his ability to control his bladder, which is why he has to wear a diaper. Blood tests have been done to rule out an endocrine disorder. It was suggested that he get an x-ray at 3-4 months to look at his spinal column. As he is a puppy and still growing, things could either correct themselves as he grows or in the future he may require neurological/surgical intervention. Landon has wobbliness to his hind end, and one of this legs cannot support the weight as well as the other. He has bouts where he can stand for a short period of time, but then one leg will give out.

This, however, does not stop him or slow him down. He moves quite freely and quickly by pulling himself along with his front legs and kicking with his hind legs. We have outfitted him with a temporary wheelchair, which will hopefully help him gain muscle tone and mass in his hind legs. One of his hind legs is contracted, so does require stretching a few times a day to help give the muscle more elasticity. In addition, hydrotherapy will need to be utiltized with either a kid-sized pool or even holding him in the tub while he kicks.

Even though Landon is "special needs," he doesn't realize it! He has a zest for life that is a joy to watch and he is so excited to find his forever family!

Motley Zoo does not have a shelter, but instead houses all their homeless dogs/cats in loving foster homes. There is an adoption donation for all pets in order to help pay for their spaying/neutering, shots and care. In addition, this money goes toward the continued rescue work of Motley Zoo. Please go to www.motleyzoo.org for more information. You can also email them at info@motleyzoo.org. to request an adoption application.


For a full list of homeless pets in need of forever homes in the Seattle Area, please visit www.petfinder.com. Put your zip code in the Search Box and see the many animal rescue groups in our area. There are a number of small rescue groups in the Seattle/Issaquah area working towards adopting loving rescued dogs and cats.

Remember, Don’t Breed or Buy: Adopt a Homeless Animal Instead


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