Join Our Race to 1,000 Facebook ‘Likes’

Let's show our neighbors in Kirkland and Woodinville who's the most plugged in community on the Eastside.

Redmond Patch is on a mission: Get more than 1,000 "Likes" on our Facebook page before our sister sites in Kirkland and Woodinville.

As the youngest site out of the three, we're at a bit of a disadvantage, but it's nothing too significant to overcome! We know Redmond's as tech-savvy and plugged into local news as anyone else around, and we're ready to show Kirkland and Woodinville who's boss.

Bragging rights not enough of an incentive to "Like" Redmond Patch on Facebook? Here are five reasons.

1) Real-time Updates About News

We regularly update the page with news and notes from the community that don't always make it to the Patch website. Stay in the know!

2) You Help Create the Conversation

Big or small stories generate important conversations in our communities. There is something about Facebook that makes it seem like you're sitting around talking with your friends. Redmond Patch’s Facebook page often has conversations that never make it onto the website—as well as news tips that do turn into important stories.

3) Keep Your Neighbors Informed

When folks have questions (like where to buy Girl Scout cookies), road closings and more, they turn to each other on our Facebook page to get answers. Let's help keep each other informed. 

4) Stay Connected With Neighbors and Readers

At Redmond Patch, it's not always about breaking news. Sometimes we just like a great conversation.

5) Extended Photo Galleries

When we want more ways to showcase events and gatherings in Redmond, our Facebook page is a great place for the community to do that.

And of course, the undying gratitude of your Redmond Patch staff.


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