Microsoft Provides First Glimpse of Windows 8

The new software was part of a demo today at the D9 conference.

has offered a first glimpse of its Windows 8 software, the company announced Wednesday in a news release.

The new software is largely devoted to touch-screen devices, with a tile-based start screen instead of the traditional Windows start menu. But the company says it is just as compatible with a mouse and keyboard.

"Our approach means no compromises — you get to use whatever kind of device you prefer, with peripherals you choose, to run the apps you love," Julie Larson-Green, corporate vice president of Windows Experience, said in the release. "This is sure to inspire a new generation of hardware and software development, improving the experience for PC users around the world."

Other features that were highlighted by Microsoft include convenient app resizing ability and "live tiles" that show instant updates from all of a user's apps.

Windows 8 is still not expected to be released until next year, GeekWire reports. Check out the YouTube video for Microsoft's video introduction to the new software.


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