More Replacement Drivers Arrive as Waste Management Strike Continues

Waste Management says no residential pick-ups will occur on Monday, July 30 and will instead focus on businesses and commercial sites—including restaurants.

Waste Management says it won't pick up trash from residential customers on Monday and will intead focus on commercial collection routes with additional replacement drivers, according to a press release, as recycling and yard waste drivers remain on strike.

Company spokeswoman Robin Freedman said commercial customers should either set out or unlock containers today for garbage collection services.

The company's statement came on the fifth day of a strike called by the recycle and yard waste drivers represented by Teamsters Local 117. Local 174, which represents the garbage drivers, are honoring the strike as well.

The City of Seattle has notified Waste Management that it could face fees and fines totaling $1.25 million per day if collection services are not underway by Aug. 1.

Waste Management is urging businesses in cities it serves to place their trash out this week. According to the press release, "experienced WM substitute drivers" worked over the weekend "on critical stops in cities across the Puget Sound" and a second wave of experienced WM substitute drivers arrived on Saturday and Sunday. The company says they will be ready to work on Monday and replacement drivers identified during a job fair last month are being hired.

Waste Management pledged that it would collect up to twice the regular amount of missed services on the next regular service day at no additional charge, and to check http://wmnorthwest.com for regular updates on resuming normal garbage/recycling service.

Affected Residential Customers for Monday, July 30:




Federal Way


Maple Valley


Mill Creek








WUTC Auburn/Federal Way

WUTC East Redmond/Novelty Hill

WUTC Enumclaw

WUTC Index

WUTC Mukilteo/South Everett

WUTC Snohomish

Renton will receive residential garbage collection service due to their unique every other week (EOW) collection frequency.

For more on Patch's continuing coverage of the dispute, click here.

bob goat July 31, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Man, kirkland is full of some entitled jackassery.
Jeanne Gustafson July 31, 2012 at 04:13 PM
To be fair, bob, these comments are from some other affected cities where the article is posted, too.
Danny Chapman July 31, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Bob, I assume you mean the Union members (are "entitled") since a consumer pays for garbage collection. I don't consider myself "entitled" if I pay a fair price for something. Many union members, however, do get an exaggerated sense of their worth due to collective bargaining. For example, can one really say in all honesty that a garbage collector using a mechanical truck in Seattle who makes near $100,000 per year (incl. benefits) is that much better and more skilled than the same garbage collector in Dallas, driving the same truck, doing the same job, who makes $40,000 per year including benefits? Of course not. That's what unions do, they tend to make the people who are members feel more special and privileged than what they really are. As a result, businesses move to where the wages are not so high and in a state or local governments case, they keep raising taxes to pay for people (and their medical, dental, vision and pensions) who think they are more "special" than the rest of us.
Kirkland Tony July 31, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I doubt many of those union members who feel "entitled" to keep their jobs while refusing to do them, and "entitled" to a compensation package nearly double what the U.S. Dept of Labor says the Washington State average (including Bill Gates) is, live in Kirkland. I do agree that they act like entitled jackasses, but was trying to keep my posts less negative than that.
Danny Chapman July 31, 2012 at 10:41 PM
That's part of the problem Kirkland Tony, people like yourself are too polite to be honest and truthful. It's time people stand up to these union thugs and say "enough is enough" - if you don't want your high-paying job with excessive benefits, I'm sure there is someone out there that does.


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