Send the Right Signals 201 with Jeff Hayes

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Our Send The Right Signals workshop series is designed for engineers, entrepreneurs, and service professionals who are tired of wasting their time, money, and energy on meetings that go nowhere, and who are ready to take their networking to a higher, more productive level.

Are you:

  • Receiving all the high-quality, targeted referrals you can handle?

  • In regular contact with your allies, intimates, and pals?

  • Clear about what to do with that pile of business cards that gets bigger every week?

  • Content to share meetings with perfectly nice, accomplished people, but have those meetings go nowhere?

No?  Then get registered - and start boosting your returns on the time, money, and energy you invest in networking and business development.

In Send The Right Signals 201, you'll study and practice:

  • The Networking Pyramid

  • How to "nest" your networks

  • How to maximize your return on the time, money, and energy you invest in networking

  • The weakest - and the most powerful - ways to hand off your business card

During this workshop, you'll hear real-world war stores, study proven methods for network-building, learn how to apply them, and begin practicing those methods in a safe, controlled environment.

Learn now so many people - just like you - have transformed themselves from "Entrepre-nerd" to Polished Pro."  Sign up and start Sending The Right Signals 201 today!


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