Letter: Community Leaders Support Cyrus Habib in 48th

Keri Stout of Bellevue writes in support of Cyrus Habib, running for state representative in Legislative District 48.

Dear Patch, 

I care deeply about the Eastside. Not only was I born and raised in Bellevue, I spent over 15 years serving the greater Eastside community as the Executive Director of the Bellevue Family YMCA and Vice President of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. And it is because of my knowledge and love of the Eastside community that I am supporting Cyrus Habib for State Representative in the 48th District.

There is a reason why the Seattle Times and the mayors of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and Medina (some Republican, some Democrat) have endorsed Cyrus in this race. It is because for years he has worked to improve the quality of life on the Eastside as a Human Services Commissioner for the City of Bellevue, as a Trustee of the Bellevue College Foundation, as a board member of the Bellevue Downtown Association, and with me in the Bellevue Rotary Club. As a lawyer who works with technology startups, he understands our region's unique spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is not every day that a Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law School graduate decides to throw his hat in the ring for State Representative, but, having known Cyrus for years, I know that public service is at the heart of his life philosophy.   

Finally, Cyrus is 100 percent pro-choice, which is why Planned Parenthood Votes has made his race a priority this year. He will stand up for access to contraception, women's healthcare, and marriage equality, and that alone makes him a natural pick in this race.

You may have noticed Cyrus's sunglasses -- he has been blind since the age of 8. But to say that this has never slowed him down is an understatement. He uses text-to-speech software on his computer that allows him to fire off emails and create documents faster than nearly anyone. He is living proof that hard work combined with opportunity equals great results.

Please vote for Cyrus Habib and let your friends know to do the same.

Keri Stout

Karin Duval October 21, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Cyrus will serve us well with a passionate dedication to our area and its people. He is both intelligent and wise. Cyrus knows how to listen and cares deeply about the rights and well being of others. He is an excellent choice for our district.
Amy Hedin October 22, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Cyrus has my vote because of the reasons you describe and because he will support education in our state.


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