Letter: King County Councilwoman Hague Backs Myers in 48th District Race

King County Councilwoman Jane Hague backs Hank Myers in the 48th Legislative District race.

To the Editor:

The choice for a new legislator is clear when one considers the most pressing issues facing the 48th Legislative District. Hank Myers’ 40 years of experience as a small business owner and consultant on transportation, transit, commute trip reduction and 520 bus service makes him a respected expert on one of the key challenges to economic prosperity for our Eastside communities.

It was my pleasure to appoint Hank to three Metro Transit citizen sounding boards where he served with distinction and emerged as a leader and spokesperson for their work to increase service on 520 and shape the Sound Transit bus service that serves so many of our daily commuters. As a transportation economist with a reputation for problem solving, Hank earned kudos for his work managing the Microsoft Commute Trip Reduction program for four years, during which that program won awards for excellence – including the Commuter Challenge Diamond Award. 

I will be proud to say that my 48th District Representative is Hank Myers. He is a candidate who shares my passion for a healthy, expanding economy with the infrastructure needed to support that growth. His two terms on the Redmond City Council establish his experience in government and public service, and his volunteer efforts include the Together Center and Bellevue School District committees, as well as Green Redmond. Experience, commitment and compassion! Qualities for a great 48th District Representative. 

King County Councilmember Jane Hague


Kirkland Tony October 25, 2012 at 08:33 PM
How is this news? Hague is a Republican (although definitely a centrist moderate one, something the Democrats have purged from their ranks), and so is Myers. The news would be if Hank Myers received incumbant Democrat endorsements. (Hague makes a good example here too, as she actually was endorsed by both sides of the aisle, even despite a false college degree claim and a DUI.) Next I expect Patch to release an urgent briefing that Democrats are endorsing a tax increase. Tell us something we don't know.
Greg Johnston October 25, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Kirkland Tony, please read the headline. It's a letter to the editor, we post them all. It's also tagged as opinion.


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