Letter: Myers Has Transportation Experience to Effectively Serve 48th District

Bellevue resident Cynthia M. Cole explains in a letter to the editor why she thinks Hank Myers is the better choice for state representative.

The next time you are sitting on I-405 in a standstill, consider who would be your choice for the state legislature from the 48th district. 

Redmond City Councilman Hank Myers is a highly-touted transportation expert. He ran Microsoft’s award-winning commute program. Myers served on several Metro advisory boards and has been a leader in improving transportation and making it work for the Eastside.

His experience has already paid off. As a city councilman, Hank asked the right questions to improve the light rail route, reduce the impact on neighborhoods in Redmond, made it more accessible and reduced the cost.

Democrat Cyrus Habib has no transportation experience.

That’s the choice: experience versus no experience. Cyrus won’t be able to ask the right questions and make transportation work for our community. Hank Myers has a history of working to improve transportation and has the experience and knowledge the Eastside needs as our representative in Olympia. 

Please vote for Hank Myers—a proven transportation champion.

—Cynthia M. Cole, Bellevue


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