Letter to the Editor: Myers' Perspective Makes Him the Best Choice in the 48th

A Redmond resident gives his endorsement to Hank Myers, running for state representative in the 48th District.

I am one of those citizens who enjoys attending Redmond’s City Council meetings, as well as keeping up with the Committees that review the issues before they come to Council.

Hank Myer’s experience and intelligence are obvious, but it’s his wit and congenial nature that make Redmond’s processes less daunting and more productive. Where others lecture, Hank listens. Even if he disagrees with your position, he will help you get your views on record and given a fair hearing.

If he is elected to the Legislature, I will miss his perceptive and analytical voice on the City Council. However, he is exactly the sort of Representative Olympia needs to reduce the gridlock and create innovative solutions to our state’s most pressing problems. I supported Hank in the Primary and believe he is the best candidate running in the General Election. Please vote for Hank Myers in the 48th District’s legislative race.

—Bill Dorsey, Redmond


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