Letter to the Editor: Vote to Retain Sheriff Strachan

Curt Bateman of Redmond writes in support of the current King County sheriff.

I was fortunate to meet with Sheriff Strachan several months ago. I was very impressed with his professionalism, as well as his exceptional grasp of complex issues.

In the ensuing months, I have observed several other key points that illustrate his ability to effectively lead. He has made important changes to the department, making it more efficient and responsive to citizens' needs. He has greatly reduced overtime, and will be hiring over a dozen new officers. This was not an easy task in the current budget crisis, and his efforts were applauded by County Executive Dow Constantine.

He works well with both sides of the aisle, and was recommended for this office by the former Sheriff Sue Rahr. In addition, the County Council unanimously confirmed Sheriff Strachan for the office. He has previously managed departments, written budgets, is innovative, and truly cares about serving the people.

His latest achievement was announced yesterday by the City of Auburn. Sheriff Strachan is collaborating with Auburn to create a Regional Law Enforcement Training Center. This center would be available to other departments in King County as well. Training is one of the first cuts to be made to an agencies’ budget in tough times, and a solution such as this crucial to maintaining the training of our officers.

The Sheriff has demonstrated that he has a strong vision for important changes that will improve training, efficiency and community safety. He is the best choice for the position of Sheriff.

—Curt Bateman, Redmond


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