Convicted Killer to Be Released From Prison, Move to Redmond

John Athan has served seven years for murdering his 13-year-old neighbor in 1982.

A man convicted of killing his 13-year-old neighbor in 1982 will be paroled in the coming weeks and plans to move in with relatives in Redmond, the Seattle Times reported today.

John Athan, 43, was convicted of strangling Kristen Sumstad in Seattle when he was 14 and she was 13. Athan was not convicted until 2004 when a DNA sample linked him to the crime. He has served seven years and four months for the murder.

According to the Times, a parole board ruled Athan had voiced remorse for the crime and was not likely to re-offend. King County prosecutor Dan Satterburg disagrees, telling the newspaper, "by any measurement seven years and four months is not enough time."

More information is available in the Seattle Times story.


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