Elderly Driver Crashes into House, Car Hits Bicyclist

No significant injuries were reported in either incident.

Redmond's first responders were called to the scene of two unusual traffic collisions earlier on Wednesday, according to Jim Bove, a spokesman for both the and .

At around 11:15 a.m., an elderly driver ran into a private residence in the 7200 block of 148th Place Northeast after apparently mistaking the gas pedal for the brake.

No injuries were reported in the collision, and Bove said police will likely not press charges because the incident occurred on private property.

"It didn't sound like it was very major," he said.

Also on Wednesday, a driver struck a bicyclist at the intersection of Northeast 85th Street and 160th Avenue Northeast in downtown Redmond at about 10:15 a.m. The driver remained on the scene, Bove said, and the bicyclist was transported to in Redmond with a minor knee injury.

Bove said the collision occurred as the bicyclist was heading straight through the intersection and the driver was attempting to make a left-hand turn.

"The car turning left didn't see the cyclist," he said.

Bove said he wasn't sure whether the driver was cited in connection to the incident.


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