Robber With Bad Handwriting Hits Chase Bank In Kirkland Red Apple

Kirkland police say the man passed a note to the teller and when the teller couldn't read it, the robber yelled that it was a robbery.

A lone man with bad penmanship robbed Chase Bank inside the Red Apple Market in the Bridle Trails area of Kirkland Tuesday afternoon, yelling at a teller who could not decipher a note he passed, according to Kirkland police.

The robbery occurred at about 3:30 p.m. inside the Red Apple at 6625 132nd Ave NE. It was at least the third bank robbery in Kirkland since early November. On Dec. 20, three men hit the nearby Bridle Trails Wells Fargo in a take-over type robbery.

The robber in Tuesday's heist is described as an Hispanic male in dark clothes and wearing a golfing-style Kangol cap. He escaped in an older green minivan missing hubcaps.

“He came in and handed the teller a note,” said Lt. Mike Murray, Kirkland Police Department spokesman. “The teller couldn’t read his handwriting. He yelled at her that it as a robbery, and showed what appeared to be the outline of a gun.”

Both Kirkland police and the FBI are investigating the case. Murray said the robber is definitely not the same person as one who has hit more than 20 small shops around the Eastside recently, at least seven of them in Kirkland. That robber is described as an Hispanic man, and he wears a "hoody" sweatshirt with a bandana covering his face.

“That’s a totally different guy,” Murray said.

bigyaz January 24, 2013 at 06:00 PM
Teller, reading bank robber's note: "That looks like ‘gub.’ It doesn’t look like ‘gun,’" From Woody Allen's "Take the Money and Run."


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