Sammamish Police Blotter: Observant Neighbor Discovers Burglary

The following reports are from Sammamish Police Department records. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Last week, an observant neighbor discovered that a home near his own had been burglarized as he returned from walking his dog. The man, a neighbor of a resident of the 200 block of 221 Ave NE called 911 on April 13 to report a possible burglary after he noticed that his neighbor’s door was open and her dog on the front porch. The door had not been open when he first walked by with his dog.

Deputies who responded noted that the closet door was open and it looked like a small desk had been gone through. They contacted the resident, who came home and discovered that several items including jewelry, a $100 bill, and Duratene silverware worth $1,000 had been stolen. The neighbor said he had noticed a smaller 1990s white pickup truck leaving the area, with two Hispanic males driving as he returned home from his walk. Police recovered two fingerprints, one from a wine bottle that had been moved and one from a yard tool that may have been used to force open the door.

April 14

Suspicious Circumstances: A resident of the 200 block of 221st Avenue NE called police to report a suspicious person he thought could have some relevance to recent burglaries in the neighborhood. The man had encountered a woman going door-to-door soliciting for “Tree Country,” a tree service with a website listing a Kirkland address, but the woman left a brochure that only included her cell phone number. The man looked up the website, which he said doesn’t appear to contain any real content, and he thought the woman might have been casing the neighborhood, as she didn’t stay in the area long enough to have contacted many houses there.

Larceny: An Issaquah woman reported to Sammamish police that her car had been prowled while she was at a party in the 22600 block of SE 32nd Street in Sammamish. She had left the vehicle unlocked because the key to the car is broken, and someone stole an iPod touch that was hidden under the seat, as well as several CD’s. The woman reported that a green Honda Civic had driven by the party location several times that evening.

April 13

Burglary:  A resident near the 100 block of Louis Thompson Road NE called police to report that she returned home from work at about 5 p.m. and entered her home through her garage. As she drove in, she saw that the back door was open. The deadbolt was broken off and had tool marks on it, as did the door frame where the door had been pried open. She discovered that a number of items were missing, including an Acer tower computer and monitor and a laptop; total losses and damage is estimated at more than $2,000. The home is for sale and is pending sale, so the resident said there has been little recent realtor activity at the house. Police could not recover any fingerprints from the scene, and there is no known suspect.

April 12

Stolen Mail Recovered: A resident of the 1800 block of 224th Avenue NE in Sammamish turned in a bundle of mail from various residences in Carnation that he had found in a pile by the side of the road. Police contacted the victims to retrieve their mail, including one man, who had reported to King County on April 9 that his mail had been stolen.

April 11

Larceny: a resident of the 20600 block of NE 28th Court reported to police that she had parked her car in her garage around 1:15 p.m., and had left the garage open, intending to leave again soon. Her plans changed however, and she didn’t’ return to her vehicle until about 3 p.m., at which time she discovered that her wallet and keys were missing from the car, which was unlocked. She canceled the cards, had the house rekeyed and notified police of the theft. She said it appeared that one of their neighbors was recently the victim of a vehicle prowl also.

IPad Stolen from Classroom: A modified iPad that a special needs student at Eastlake High School depends on for communication went missing, possibly from the boy’s classroom. An announcement was made at the school simply requesting the return of the device.

Attempted burglary: A resident of the 2600 block of 239th Avenue SE called police to report that her 13-year-old son had seen a member of a landscaping crew climbing through his bedroom window. The boy told police that earlier that morning he had seen someone lift up the shades of his sindow from outside as if to look in. The boy could not positively identify which of three white male landscapers had entered his room, but police took prints from the windowsill and the landscapers submitted their prints for elimination as suspects.

April 10

Domestic Violence Assault: A 43-year-old Sammamish woman called police to report that her estranged husband, with whom she still lives, had assaulted her over an argument about taxes. The woman told police that he shook her and threw her against the furniture and floor, and said there have been other similar incidents that she did not report. Police noted bruises on her arm and shin, and forward the case to the prosecutor’s office for filing and charges.

Trespass: Six young men were reported to police for skateboarding on the roof of Sunny Hill Elementary. The men ranged in age from 17 to 32 years of age, and included people from Seattle, Redmond, Fall City, and Sammamish, including a senior at Skyline High School. Police issued all of them trespass warning letters

April 9

Vandalism: A resident of the 22900 block of NE 24th Place called police to report that one of her neighbors was illegally topping trees that are on city property on the cul-de-sac. Police went to the scene, saw that two evergreen trees had been topped. They contacted the suspect and made it clear to him that no further trimming of trees or bushes belonging to the city was to be done, and referred the case to the city of Sammamish for further information and determination of their wishes in handling any fines or charges related to the case.

Kevin Raposo April 18, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Burglars are always the first line of defense against a burglar! I recently wrote an article that might be helpful to readers on how to better protect themselves from a burglar: Burglar Reveals 15 Trade Secrets - A Look into the Mind of a Burglar http://simplisafe.com/blog/burglar-reveals-15-trade-secrets-look-mind-burglar Feel free to share or re-post!
Kim Hilliker April 21, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Kevin, thanks for the great article. Kim Hilliker


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