520 Bills Getting Tossed in the Trash by Accident, KING 5 Reports

WSDOT is sending drivers their bills in plain, unmarked envelopes.

The Washington State Department of Transportation is asking drivers who cross the State Route 520 Bridge to keep an eye out for their toll bills after some people have reported accidentally dropping their invoices in the trash.

As KING 5 reported Wednesday, the state sends the bills out in plain, white envelopes with no WSDOT or Good to Go marking. The agency is asking drivers to look out for their invoice and call WSDOT if they do not receive a bill within two weeks of crossing the bridge.

Craig Stone of WSDOT told the TV station the agency is "monitoring the situation" and will consider putting Good to Go on the envelopes after it runs out of its current supply.

"It's actually fairly expensive for us to put the stickers onto them," he said.

The . After 80 days, WSDOT sends delinquent drivers a civil penalty notice, which includes the initial toll amount, a $5 reprocessing fee for each reminder bill, plus a $40 civil penalty for each unpaid toll transaction. 

That can add up to $45 for each crossing, on top of each toll amount.

Read the complete KING 5 report by clicking here.


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