County Council OKs $2.2 Million More in Funding for Burke-Gilman

Council votes unanimously, 9-0, for the third-quarter supplemental budget.

The King County Council voted to include $2.2 million to fund cost overruns for the Burke Gilman Trail Redevelopment project on Monday as part of its third-quarter supplemental budget. 

The project to improve a 30-year-old stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake Forest Park was originally expected to cost $2.69 million, but encountered several problems in the course of the work which began last June. The total price tag of the project is now about $4.89 million.

The funding sources for the cost overruns will be about $1.3 million from the what's leftover from the . The remaining $900,000 will be from open space bond funds, the parks capital fund and county general fund, according to the proposal sent to the County Council, said Doug Williams, spokesman for King County Parks. 

King County Parks plans to reopen the stretch from Logboom Park in Kenmore to Ballinger Way by Dec. 31. The entire Burke-Gilman stretch in Lake Forest Park will be closed until the end of January. 

For more information call the project hotline at 206-462-6348 or go to the Burke-Gilman Trail Redevelopment website.


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