Eight-Cent Gas Tax Hike Proposed by King County Executive

Dow Constantine and the Sound Cities Association, which includes Redmond, are asking the state legislature to help "solve our statewide transportation crisis."

King County Executive Dow Constantine has joined other local officials in asking the Washington state legislature to raise gas taxes to help pay for upgrades to the state's transportation infrastructure and provide additional transit funding in the county.

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In a Dec. 14 letter posted on the news website PubliCola, Constantine, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Renton Mayor Denis Law, representing the Sound Cities Association, propose an 8-cent increase to the gas tax as well as the ability for counties and cities to raise their car-tab fees by $40. Law serves as board president of the Sound Cities Association, which also includes Redmond Mayor John Marchione and other city officials.

The letter, addressed to Gov. Chris Gregoire, cites a "statewide transportation crisis" and asks for additional revenue to "preserve and maintain our portion of the State’s transportation system and address the growing demand for transit services."

Click here to read the entire document.

brandon miller January 01, 2013 at 04:06 PM
Quit using money allocated for projects on other things and we won't have to keep giving you more taxes to waste. I don't get to use rent money to buy a flat screen and then ask my boss for more money to pay rent...


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