John Stilin Announces Campaign for Reelection in November 2013

Redmond City Council Member John Stilin announced today that he will run for a second term in the November 2013 elections.

Editor's note: The following is from a news release from John Stilin.

Redmond City Council Member John Stilin announced today in a news release that he will run for a second term in the November 2013 elections.

"I am proud to call Redmond my home" said Stilin, "but I am even more proud of the progress we’ve made in my last four years on the Redmond City Council. I am asking Redmond voters to reelect me so that we can stay on the trajectory that has taken us through some very challenging economic times. I intend to continue on a path that preserves the uniqueness of Redmond while embracing change, and ensure Redmond is a safe, culturally rich, and economically vibrant city. I want all citizens of our community to be proud to call Redmond ‘home’."

During Stilin’s first term on the council, he supported city plans to focus development in our two urban centers while preserving neighborhoods. He was involved in the creation of OneRedmond, a civic and private partnership, focused on making Redmond a sustainable community through integrated planning and execution of economic, environmental, and social equity programs.

Stilin also strived to make government more open and accessible by focusing attention on the city’s communication process. Additionally, he strengthened Redmond’s regional voice by securing appointments to influential regional committees focused on transportation, public safety and justice, economic development, and public policy. After just two years on council, Stilin was appointed an important role as chair of the council’s Public Administration and Finance Committee. There he successfully led the city’s 2012 Budgeting by Priorities process which resulted in the council approving the 2013-14 Biennial Budget this past December.

Prior to his election to council, Stilin served two terms on the Redmond Arts Commission, and was elected Chair, and Vice Chair. He served as Co-Chair of the Viewpoint (now Idlywood) Neighborhood Citizens Advisory Committee that formulated neighborhood planning recommendations for inclusion in the city’s Comprehensive Plan. He participated in the first iteration of the Budgeting by Priorities process in 2008 as the Citizen Representative on the Business Priority Team.

Since leaving Microsoft in 2000, Stilin has been actively involved in the community. He volunteered daily for 12 years at Rockwell Elementary School where he assisted with teaching orchestra and supervising morning arrival. He was recognized for his outstanding service by receiving the prestigious Washington State PTSA Golden Acorn twice, first from the Norman Rockwell Elementary PTA in 2006, followed by the Lake Washington School District PTSA in 2011. He coached two soccer teams for eight years in the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association.

He has a long association with Hopelink, serving on the board of Springboard Alliance, now Hopelink’s Avondale Park, and recently volunteered to teach an adult introductory computer classes. You may also have seem him asking for donations at the local QFC where he helps organize the city council’s participation in the annual Eastside Month of Concern for the Hungry food drive that benefits Hopelink. 

Stilin holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Business Administration – Management information Systems. His professional career included time at Sperry Univac, Compaq Computer Corporation, and Microsoft where he worked in system and product development, marketing, sales, and business management roles. In his business career he established a reputation as a problem solver through creative and innovative thinking, with a commitment to excellence. 

Stilin, a native of Milwaukee, WI, moved to Redmond in late 1991 to work for Microsoft. John, his wife Sherry, and their three sons, Matt, Nick, and Ben have lived on Education Hill for over 20 years. Their threes son attended Norman Rockwell, Redmond Jr. High and graduated from Redmond High School. They are now attending college.


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