Redmond City Councilmember to Seek Reelection

Redmond City Councilmember Kimberly Allen will run for a third term.

Councilmember Kim Allen announced this week that she will run for a third term on the Redmond City Council this November.

"I think those of us who hold public office should explain what we have accomplished and why we should be returned for another term," she said in an email to Patch. She continued: 

I have been working hard to help keep Redmond the place we love to call home and I welcome the chance to tell my story to the people of Redmond. I am proud of the work I do for Redmond and I am running for another term to finish the work I have started. In an era of tight resources, the stakes have never been higher for Redmond to secure the transit we need in our growing community and I have worked hard on the local and regional fronts to grow our transit network and to show Redmond as a leader in transit focused development. Our residents want transportation choices and I have been at the table to make sure those choices are available and protected.

Allen has also spent her time on the Council representing Redmond’s interests in the area of growth management, promoting policies that give cities the ability to decide how they choose to site new development and what it will look like.

She also took the Council lead in advancing a new zoning code through to adoption which makes it much easier for residents to understand what can be built in their neighborhoods. She chairs the Council Planning and Public Works Committee, and holds a leadership position on the King County Regional Transit Committee.

Allen is also the outgoing chair of the Eastside Transportation Partnership after leading that organization as chair and vice chair. She is a licensed attorney who works as a hearing examiner, deciding land use cases for other cities and counties throughout the Puget Sound region. She has two children and lives with her husband Mike in downtown Redmond.



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