Update: Redmond Fire Chief, Deputy Chief Leaving Department

Redmond Fire Chief Kevin Donnelly has decided to retire and a deputy chief is also leaving the department, Redmond city officials said Monday.

Redmond Mayor John Marchione said Monday the city's fire chief and a deputy fire chief are leaving their positions.

Marchione said Redmond Fire Chief Kevin Donnelly came to him in December and said he wanted to retire.

He wants travel with his wife and spend time with his grandchildren, Marchione said.

Redmond Deputy Fire Chief Bill Newbold will also reportedly be leaving to take a position with the Bellingham Fire Department.

Donnelly has left the department in good shape, Marchione said, prepping for an EMS levy, preparing the 2013-2014 budget and has set up the department to undergo a strategic operating plan.

"I'm glad Kevin came to serve Redmond and wish him the best in future endeavors," Marchione said.

Marchione said he's asked Redmond Police Chief Ron Gibson to lead the fire department during this transition. He expects Gibsonto will oversee the department for the rest of 2013, while the department asseses values and figures out what kind of leader the city wants.

Original post Jan. 14 ---

Redmond Fire Chief Kevin Donnelly will be leaving the department, Redmond city officials confirmed Monday.

City officials emailed Patch Monday in response to an inquiry about the chief:

Regarding your inquiry about the Fire Chief, he has decided to retire which is the reason for his departure.

Donnelly became Redmond chief in May 2011.

Donnelly began his career in 1986 as a fire engineer for Felton Fire Protection District in Felton, CA. He transferred to the City of Lodi as a firefighter/engineer in 1991. Over the years, Donnelly was promoted through the ranks to captain, battalion chief, division chief of operations and to fire chief in 2009. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public safety management from California State University.

Donnelly replaced former Fire Chief Tim Fuller, who retired from the department in January 2011. 

In the search to replace Fuller, the city of Redmond conducted a national recruiting effort and received more than 80 applications. Four finalists met in-person with three panels of city and regional officials that included Battalion Chief Doug Kammerzell, Bellevue Fire Chief Mike Eisner, a commissioner from King County Fire District 34 and Redmond city council members.

What do you think about the chief's impending retirement? How has the department done under his supervision? Tell us in comments.

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Steven Robert Longmire January 15, 2013 at 06:37 PM
I wish the Chief a good future where ever he goes/does in the future. On the other hand, I do not blame for leaving the department. The throw back to last century thinking the recent move of Emergency Operations to the Redmond Police Department, throwing those that live here into failure if something happens widespread disaster wise, EOC run as a police controlled activity is destined for failure, as it has across the country, and failures of police run (in control) worldwide. Example of fact, This move destroyed the local VOAD, and my attempts to communicate with the Mayor, Police Chief, and Fire department on trying to restart it again except, this time no Politics, not Hidden Agenda and not Greed (one of those is what closed down the past 2 attempts of VOAD in Redmond.) VOAD or COAD is where in each town, Local Emergency Management, Non-Profits, NGO's, Local Businesses and Volunteers are supposed to come together to "PLAN" for response to emergency's in the City of Redmond. By my hand, Steven Robert Longmire (425) 329-3408 if you want drill down. I have been a Redmond Resident for over 17 years, and was a volunteer member of the last COAD in Redmond. We live in a town the has one of the biggest Tech companies in the world, yet Redmond has not taken advantage of what is out there for building community, the failures to deploy and use tech in a tech based community for Public Safety, the use of social media for crime reporting and assistance post disaster


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