Voter ID Reminders, Law Angering Some Concord Voters

One likens it to Nazi Germany; Democrat Cilley vows to “look at law” if elected.

Concord, NH – While talking to voters outside Concord’s Ward 5 polling location, Democrat appeared to make a verbal commitment to look at potentially repealing New Hampshire’s new if elected.

Voters at the polls on Sept. 11, were given a handout published by the explaining the need for an ID in order to vote for any election after Nov. 1, 2012.

Ward officials were asking for IDs at the polls today even though people can still vote without showing their IDs. For the general election in November, voters will be asked for an ID and if they don’t have one, will be permitted to vote with a “challenged voter affidavit.” Any election after Sept. 1, 2013, will require a license, state ID, armed services ID, passport, government employment ID with a photo, a valid student ID, another photo ID approved by ward officials and clerks, or visual verification of the person by an official at the polling location.

One voter upset about the new law was musician RP Hale, a teacher at , who, in an exchange with Cilley, likened the law to the Nazis requesting identification papers, adding that it made him want to offer a Hitler salute.

“If you get in the corner office you gotta get rid of this,” Hale said, holding out the notice to her.  

“Oh yes ... that’s the … yes, I got mine," Cilley said, laughing.

“It’s like, ‘show me your papers,’” he said.

“Right,” Cilley said.

“I declined it,” Hale then stated.

"That's what we're hearing across the state," Cilley said.

“Good for you,” said of , who was holding a Cilley sign at the polling location.

“And I’m going to decline this November as well,” said Hale.

"I did as well," Roos added.

“It’s all I can do to keep from giving the Hitler salute when I see stuff like this," Hale said.

Hale’s wife, while talking with Cilley, said she didn’t have a problem with the law.

“It was a solution in search of a problem,” Cilley said, while speculating that the Voter ID laws seemed to be a concerted effort by Republicans to suppress votes for Democratics. She stated that there were stories coming from some states with heavy Republican areas extending hours for voter registration while Democratic areas were not having their hours extended as well as long drives for seniors to get official identification in preparation for the general election.

“This seems to be an agenda to shut down certain voting groups from voting,” she said.

“Yes, like mine, I’m a Hispanic Mexican … and I resent this stuff,” he said.

Cilley explained that Gov. did try to veto the bill. She then said, “I think that is going to be looked at again” and thanked Hale and his wife for their votes.

Concord wasn't the only community that experienced bumps associated with Voter ID. In Exeter, some Democrats , an apparent protest of the new law. , several voters said they had IDs but refused to show them as a matter of principle.

mike l September 12, 2012 at 07:15 PM
i find the resones amzaing, we didnt seem to have a voter problem til mr obama came into office. you all seem to think we need them now. in that case why wasnt there these id laws put into law and into the constitution? in ohio they tired to change the laws to benifit the repubs and take away the same laws for the dems. nowhere is there any state shown that there has been any voter fraud, ok maybe just a few fraud cases. thier have been thousands of voter that have voted such as your mommy and daddy that didnt have to show id but now the only way the repubs can win is to lie about voter fraud. if these laws were enacted, lets say from year 2000 old murder bush would never been elected and we would of not have had 2 illegal wars. so my fine friends dont fool yourself into thinking this is good.
John September 12, 2012 at 07:19 PM
Your kidding right? To ask to show your legally the person registered to vote is supressing votes? By that dumb logic its wrong to ask for a drivers license, a library card, a movie rental card or any form of id for any membership. All they want is to make sure your legally allowed to vote so the election is fair and legal. To go off and say its like nazi germany or racist show a high level of stupidity. You need an id to drive, cash a check,rent a room,rent a movie, drink alcohol, buy tobacco, so this is no different and trust me I see all races buying alochol and cigerettes just fine.
David Pittelli September 12, 2012 at 08:16 PM
"If you are really genuine about wanting identification, why not provide that identification to all parties? Roll it out to everybody." In fact, New Hampshire does that. From the official voter ID info: "A voter who does not have an approved photo ID may obtain a free photo ID for voting purposes only by presenting a voucher from their town/city clerk or the Secretary of State to any NH DMV office that issues identification." Not to mention that the law allows even "a Driver’s License issued from any state (even if expired)." http://www.cityofportsmouth.com/cityclerk/voteinfo.htm There, are you OK with Voter ID now, or are your objections just talking points you feel free to disavow if they are inconvenient to your predetermined opinion?
William W. Harrison September 12, 2012 at 08:16 PM
A national Photo ID card is the answer to the immigration problem. One card for American, one card for legal immigrants. If you don't have one you don't get a job ( e verify ), no healthcare, or government benefits. I love the suppress the vote arugement, it's from the people who had a video of voter suppression in last election by black panthers that Obama's Justice Department would not even look at. By the way how do we know who is getting welfare, food stamps, Medicare, Social security and other government benefits without a photo ID?
Pat Shane September 13, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Watch the video and sign the petition to end Voter Suppression. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9TjVsQa57c


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