Redmond Marshalls Store Honored by Bellevue College for Support of Working Student

Managers at the Redmond location have helped one of their employees attend English as a Second Language classes at the school.

Bellevue College has recognized managers at a  department store in Redmond for their support of an employee who is taking English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at the school.

The college recently presented Marshalls with a Literacy Partners Award of Excellence for its efforts in helping employee Elena Semaykina create a work schedule that allows her to regularly attend ESL classes.

A second Literacy Partners award was given to a Bellevue Safeway store for assisting one of its employees with tuition.

“In these difficult economic times, many students face challenges in juggling work, school and family obligations. The instructors here at Bellevue College have found that some of the most successful working students have supportive and understanding employers, like Safeway and Marshalls. This support can come in a variety of ways, including flexible work hours, tuition reimbursement, mentoring, and more,” Tom Graham, chair of the college's Developmental Education program.

—From a Bellevue College news release


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