Redmond Principal Dresses as Penguin to Reward Fundraising Efforts

Redmond Elementary students sold more than $30,000 worth of cookie dough to raise money for the school's PTSA.

Redmond Elementary PTSA President Elena Savage sent us the following info:

Ms. (Joyce) Teshima made a bet with the students of Redmond Elementary. If they met goal of raising $6500 profit to the PTSA, Ms. Teshima would wear a penguin outfit for an entire day—and would go abut her normal day wearing the costume!

The students in fact raised a gross of almost $30,000, meaning a profit for the Redmond El PTSA of $10,000. They met and exceeded this year's goal, and exceeded last year's goal by $3,000! Over 1,500 tubs of cookie dough was sold. Audrey Wilson, grade 3/4, was the top seller of the school with 51 tubs of cookie dough sold. Caiti Hall, grade 5, came in second, and Mia Lange, grade 2, came in third. Ms. (Amy) Esmay's 5/6 grade class was the top earner out of all classrooms by raising over $3,000.

To pay off her bet, Ms. Teshima put on the penguin costume on Friday, Nov. 9. She went to the bank, to lunch, and had surprise guest Dr. Traci Pierce, LWSD superintendent, come to visit her. The kids LOVED seeing her as a penguin, and Redmond El merchants were happy to play along.  


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