VIDEO: Redmond Firefighters Help Students With Egg-Drop Experiment

Students from Dickinson and Explorer elementary schools watched as their parachuted eggs were dropped 90 feet from a fire truck ladder.

Everyone's eyes were on the sky at on Thursday afternoon as more than 300 students from Dickinson and adjacent watched their parachute-protected eggs drop 90 feet from a fire truck ladder and sail to the ground below.

PTSA member Pam McBain said she decided to bring the activity to the school as an introduction to physics and the science behind space-shuttle landings. This is the second time the school has hosted an egg drop challenge. PTSA member Kathy Little was co-organizer for this year's event.

Students were permitted to use any material besides helium balloons to break their eggs' fall, and most opted to enclose the fragile objects in boxes that contained several layers of cushioning and had plastic bags for parachutes.

Redmond firefighters Shawn Lowry, Bryan Martin and Lt. James Elerick were on hand to operate the fire truck ladder and send the eggs on their way.

Check out the video to see some of the egg-dropping action.


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