Youth Soccer Group Forms Nonprofit to Care for 60 Acres Park

Friends of 60 Acres is currently raising funds for a new irrigation system at the park.

A Kirkland-based youth soccer organization has created a nonprofit group to care for , a popular King County facility located in unincorporated Redmond.

Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association (LWYSA) has entered into an agreement with King County by creating Friends of 60 Acres and will bear all costs for construction, upgrades and maintenance of 60 acres, which it estimates will save taxpayers approximately $500,000 each year.

LWYSA says the park is the largest soccer complex west of the Mississippi and includes 94 total acres, 60 of which are occupied by athletic fields. Other uses of the park include model airplane flying, playing Frisbee, and walking and biking along the adjacent Sammamish River Trail.

Friends of 60 Acres is planning to upgrade the park's irrigation system, which would allow the grass to become thicker and more resilient to athletic use. Donations are currently being accepted for engraved pavers at the facility.

Those who would like to learn more about Friends of 60 Acres are invited to visit friendsof60acres.org, or contact Curt Bateman, director of community development at curtb@lwysa.org or 425-821-1741.

—From a Friends of 60 Acres news release


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