POLL: Anderson Park Trees Keeping Their 'Socks' on This Summer

The brightly colored art exhibit will remain on display through Aug. 12—about two months longer than originally planned.

Suzanne Tidwell's  will remain on display at for an additional two months this summer, Redmond City Council member Tom Flynn said at Tuesday's meeting.

Flynn, who is currently serving as the council's ombudsman, said he recently fielded an inquiry as to when the colorful display would be removed. The exhibition was originally scheduled to come down June 3 but that date has been extended to Aug. 12, he said.

Tidwell, a Sammamish artist, has received several work requests since the exhibition was completed in February, Flynn said, and she asked the city for additional time to remove her artwork. 

“It’s also been very successfully received by most of the community,” Flynn said.

Meanwhile, Tidwell has installed a new fiber arts exhibition titled "Luminous" at Redmond Town Center for this weekend's .

Ed June 20, 2012 at 08:44 PM
Parks are for people to get back to nature, not to look at artificial colors. Our kids have too much "psychedelic" stimulation as it is, and many researchers think that the epidemic of ADD/ADHD has been caused by too many flashing lights and colors from TV, computers and video games. Also, what about the impact of these tree wraps on the trees, birds, squirrals, and insects that have had their natural environments messed up by these wraps. Some may think it is cute, but it was not a good idea, and it should end as soon as possible.
Maegan August 15, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Ed, you are no fun. My family and I love the tree socks! They have been a wonderful and welcome splash of color. I wish they would stay up forever. :)


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